The European Forces Swim League is formed by swimming teams of the US Forces, Nato and European Union. They include young swimmers of the primary and secondary cycles of education. The EFSL is not competitive with, nor to draw participants away from, local competitive swim programmes such as national or regional championships.

Each team of the EFSL has a different origin and a different number of competitive swimmers. However, all have the common interests of providing a program of competitive swimming on the local level and a healthy environment in which children can grow emotionally and physically.

Presently there are 19 swimming teams affiliated to the EFSL, representing more than 1,000 swimmers throughout Europe. These Teams are located in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.      

Benelux Division
NMS NATO Marlins
LKH Lakenheath Barracudas
GKN Geilenkirchen Orcas
ESB Brussels Octopus

Rhineland Division
KMC Kaiserslautern Kingfish
SGT Stuttgart Piranhas
BLN Berlin Bear-A-Cudas
WSN Wiesbaden Wahoos

Southern Division
NPS Naples Tiger Sharks
VZN Vicenza Mako Sharks
AVI Aviano Sea Dragons
SIG Sigonella Swordfish
RTA Rota Tiburones

Tyrolian Division
HFL Hohenfels Hurricanes
VGC Vilseck-Grafenwohr Vipers
EFL Eifel Sharks
LIS Lisbon Bullsharks