Berlin Trip

In its 30th Anniversary Year the swimming team traveled to Berlin at the beginning of November 2014.
This was the occasion to compete with the swimming team of the John F Kennedy School and the American German Community School.
Some highlights included:

  • Taking part in a very competitive sporting event for 8 to 17 year olds
  • Meeting with students from a different environment, and above all…
  • To be in contact with the current and historical culture and geo-political context
  • Visiting some of the principle sites of this great city
  • Finishing with a game of football on the historic Tempel Hof airfield.

Some unforgettable moments, but also the splendid rendition of the national anthems by the world renowned soloist M.S. Halgrimson and the speech by the former president of the ESFL.
A real treat!
Your Coaching Team